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Working collaboratively to advance rehabilitation, care, support and case management of complex injury.

Welcome to the Complex Injury Network Scotland

Our vision: That every person in Scotland who suffers a complex injury gets access to the specialised services they require to ensure optimal recovery.

Our aims: To build a platform where professionals can come together for networking, information sharing, education and training, and to collaborate in promoting best practice to bring about positive change in the field of complex injury.

Our belief: That optimal client centred care must involve all stakeholders - from NHS and social services to private healthcare services and third sector organisations. These organisations must strive to work together seamlessly for benefit of each individual.

The Complex Injury Network Scotland was created in partnership by Anne Cossar & Associates, Case Management Services Ltd, Digby Brown Solicitors and NeuroPhysio Scotland.  We have a common interest in working with those affected by complex injury. As individual professionals we provide support in different ways to promote good outcomes in rehabilitation and care, whilst often encountering similar challenges. We hope that by creating this network, we can bring everyone with an interest in complex injury together to positively influence future services.

Taking the complex out of life changing injury

Our Servuces
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